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Computer Software for Girl Scout Troops/Groups and Service Units

"Your product makes the record keeping part of Girl Scout leadership a breeze."
C.H., Maine

Are you ready to have complete control over your records? G-Scoutmate is here to help! Since being released in 1992, G‑Scoutmate has saved thousands of leaders time (and sanity) when it comes to keeping track of their records. With an easy to use interface, numerous reports and comprehensive recordkeeping, G-Scoutmate makes recordkeeping a snap.

G-Scoutmate tracks every type of troop/group - from Girl Scout Daisies through Girl Scout Seniors. And since there are financial, money-earning activity, inventory, library and other sections included, there's no need to buy separate "add-ons" to track this information! Everything you need is here!

And don't worry - G-Scoutmate is kept up-to-date with any changes GSUSA makes to the Girl Scout program i.e., the new Leadership Journeys and updated Bridge requirements are included! G-Scoutmate is completely up-to-date with the new Girl Scout program changes (click here for more information).

G-Scoutmate works with all versions of Windows 98 or higher including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Key features of G-Scoutmate...

Girl Scout Tracking
You will be able to track everything about each of your girls such as personal and parental info, multiple addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, service they've performed, events and camping trips they've attended, medical information, meeting attendance, dues and much more. Comprehensive recognition tracking - awards and requirements are included in G-Scoutmate. You can even add your own troop/group and council awards!

Adult Tracking
Track their personal and business information, vehicle information (capacity, insurance, license), awards, training, history and more!

Numerous Reports (Over 130)
There are over 130 reports included in G-Scoutmate. They include rosters, phone/address lists, birthday lists, advancement, numerous types of labels, vehicle reports, several types of progress reports, financial reports and many more! Graphical reports (pie and bar charts) for the financial section are also included.

"I do love my copy of the G-Scoutmate program and couldn't function as a leader without it!", B.C., Germany

Several Other Features

  • Event Central - a central location to manage all of your events (meetings, service, training, hikes, camping, etc.)
  • Customizable Permission Slips that can automatically print slips for each girl with all of their information (including medical if desired) filled in. You can also save and reuse old permission slips. G-Scoutmate can even print council permission slips if your council requires you to use theirs.
  • "Ask G-Scoutmate" - a powerful tool that let's you "ask" G-Scoutmate anything about the information that you've entered in
  • A powerful Money-Earning Activity section that allows you to set up and track (in detail) any type of activity. Easily track your cookie sales!
  • A Financial section that can track unlimited accounts. There's no need to purchase a separate "ledger" program.
  • Track your troop inventory using the Troop and Book Inventory modules.
  • A full-featured calendar that can print monthly calendars with the dates filled in.
  • G-Scoutmate: Online - Automatically (and securely) upload/download your data to an FTP site which makes sharing data easier than ever.
  • Send Emails from within G-Scoutmate; automatically email reports to your girls and/or adults
  • Much more!

"I am thrilled with how your program has helped make doing my financial statement for the end of the year easy. Thanks to G-Scoutmate, it only took 15 minutes to do my paperwork that last year took me over an hour!"
C.C., Arizona

Flexible Licensing
G-Scoutmate is licensed to your entire troop. Therefore, you can make copies for others in your troop at no additional cost. And, you can easily move data between machines by using G-Scoutmate's import/export feature (or by turning on
G-Scoutmate: Online.)

Great Price, Great Guarantee and Great Support
BEST OF ALL, G-Scoutmate retails for just $29.95. Support is free and is available by email, phone, chat and our YahooGroups mailing list. Numerous G-Scoutmate users have joined the YahooGroup and offer advice, help and suggestions.

"Your customer service is extraordinary!" C.H., Maine

G-Scoutmate comes with the ability to track 10 troops, however it can easily be upgraded to track more. If you're interested in tracking more troops, then get more information.

Hopefully, we've provided with all of the information that you need to see how Scoutmate will help make your life much easier. If you would like to see G-Scoutmate in action, then you can view short "movies" showing many of the features and download a fully functional evaluation copy.

Hardware/Software Requirements: Windows 98 or higher is required with 70 MB of hard drive space. Suggested minimum hardware is a Pentium w/512 MB of RAM. G-Scoutmate will work on a Macintosh with a Windows emulation program such as VirtualPC or SoftWindows.

G-Scoutmate software license policy:
If purchased for use by a troop:
The software may be copied for members of the troop. It may not be used on the service unit level, and it may not be copied for other troops.

If purchased for use by a service unit:
The software may be copied for members of the service unit team. Since many service unit team members also have their own troops, we've come up with the following license policy:

  1. One person may use this copy at both the service unit and troop level at NO additional cost;
  2. For other members of the service unit team that WILL NOT use G-Scoutmate on the troop level, there is NO additional charge;
  3. For other members of the service unit team that WILL use G-Scoutmate on the troop level, they will need to purchase a "Service Unit Team Member Personal Troop Usage (SUTMPTU) License" for $20.00.
  4. G-Scoutmate cannot be given to troop leaders that are not part of the Service Unit team.

Based on this license policy, can I make copies for others?
Sure! If you're purchasing this for your troop, then you can make copies for other members of your troop to help with the recordkeeping. If you're purchasing this for your service unit, then you can make copies for your service unit team. If members of the Service Unit team wish to use G-Scoutmate for their personal troops, then they will need to purchase a SUTMPTU License. (Remember, if there's only one person on the SU team that is going to use it for their own troop(s) tracking, then you do not need to purchase the license). If you need further clarification, then please contact us.


Latest News

G-Scoutmate 7.22 has been released and includes the latest Leadership Journey Awards and newest badges.

This is a free update for users of G-Scoutmate 7.




We are an Official GSUSA Licensed Vendor



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