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Customer Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Here are several testimonials from customers that are using our software packages. You can try any of them for free by clicking on the appropriate product link...

"I've been a Scoutmate customer for a number of years, since my son was a Cub Scout. I began using G-Scoutmate in response to a notice I received when my daughter was old enough to be a Girl Scout - and I've used it ever since. The programs are easy to use, and are well supported by either email or telephone, not to mention the careful monitoring of the email list, and responses are always to be expected there. I've had large troops and small ones, even multi-age ones - G-Scoutmate handles it all.", C.C., Texas

"Thanks alot, and thanks for a great tracking program. In the old DOS days, I was really impressed with PeeWee, but it was never supported. Scoutmate for Windows is, in my opinion, the best of the tracking programs available right now. I think I've downloaded about every trial version of every scout program out there. Yours is superior, and the support is great.", R.F., North Carolina

"I have been using G-Scoutmate for about 3 years now. I love it!!! Thank you for developing it & making it available to us...Now that I am a school coordinator, with my own troop & 5 other troops to try to keep track of, it is really wonderful.", R.P., Florida

"G-Scoutmate has been a real work saver, and we're glad we bought it.", R.W., Florida

"I would like to tell you that I really like what I see. I was going to make my own Access database to track the troop, but just don't have the time. You seem to have covered all the bases in Girl Scouting. Even computer shy people should be able to use it easily.", H.J., Texas

"Your product makes the record keeping part of Girl Scout leadership a breeze.", C.H., Maine

"I do love my copy of the G-Scoutmate program and couldn't function as a leader without it!", B.C., Germany

"I live by this software for managing my troop. I particularly love the permission slips. I have found that my parents update their emergency contact/doctor information since it is printed on the permission slip each time. That never happened on the standard blank provided by the council.", N.Y., Indiana

"Thanks for your time and efforts in creating great Scouting software - I recommend it to everyone I know and promote it in my Scout newsletter. I didn't need a college degree in computers to be up and running! Again, many thanks.", P.B., Ohio

"I really am enjoying this program and have been spreading the news to everyone I know that is involved in scouting. Thanks for such wonderful products!!", E.J., California

"G-Scoutmate is a great program. This is really a time saving tool. I have encouraged new leaders to purchase it. NO PAPERWORK TO MISPLACE!" , E.M., Texas

"What a great program - I will have less paperwork sitting around my house taking up space. It's about time somebody made this easier for us "volunteers". Thanks!", T.S., New York

"This program is a real work saver once you get it set up! My Advancement chair is eternally grateful.", M.H., Pennsylvania

"I find the software to be very useful as you can tell from my continued use after seven years.", D.T., Alabama

"Just a word of thanks for your program and the updates. This was my first year as a Cub Scout Den Leader and I found this tool to be more than I had hoped for.", P.E., Iowa

"I currently own the G-Scoutmate package from you and love it!!!!", D.P., Illinois

"The fundraiser section is fantastic! I used it to track my all of my cookie sales this year (and we sold over 2100 boxes). I knew exactly how much we had in stock, who had what and how much was owed. It also gives me the ability to forecast what I need next year, and I can easily do comparisons with this year to see how well I'm doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me so much time!", A.B., Texas

"Your customer service is extraordinary!", C.H., Maine

"I really like G-Scoutmate, and it is going to make my life very easy this year.", LW, Louisiana

"I am thrilled with how your program has helped make doing my financial statement for the end of the year easy. Thanks to G-Scoutmate, it only took 15 minutes to do my paperwork that last year took me over an hour!", C.C., Arizona

"I had my 2nd Eagle Board of Review in my "career" last night. It is sure nice to walk into these things with all of their record information throughout their BSA "career" printed out from SM! The alternative of carrying in 4 or 5 record books and flipping back and forth through the pages is for the birds. Thanks for being there with the program and the fantastic support!!!", K.F., Virginia

"I absolutely LOVE my G-Scoutmate!", M.W., Tennessee

"G-Scoutmate is the best software I've seen and used, and your service is unsurpassed! I am happy to recommend it.", K.L., South Carolina

"G-Scoutmate is wonderful! Thanks for making a such a user friendly program. I will be sure to talk to my leaders about it!", P.M., Kansas

"Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your constant updates and monitoring of this great program. Your support and positive attitude is refreshing. Thanks for a great program!", C.A., Texas

"Thank you so much for the G-Scoutmate for windows!! It has made my life so much easier! I cannot believe how easy it is to use. My friend got another record keeping software 'designed for Girl Scouts'. I looked at that one and was very disappointed. I am very glad I found your site. I will pass the information on to my Service Unit.", KG, Washington

"Just wanted to let you know that our service unit manager loves the new software, and it has helped me tremendously as the registrar!", K.C., California

"Just love your program. Works great for our troop.", B.W., Michigan

"Thanks again for all the wonderful work you are doing with this program. It has made running my Junior troop so much easier.", L.B., New Jersey

"I use G-Scoutmate ALL of the time for data entry. When I have 20-30 girls going on an event or service project, the global update has saved my sanity. With 60+ girls in a VERY active troop, I couldn't do it any other way!", L.M., California

"I really love this software. It saves so much time for a busy leader who has more than one troop.". M.P., Indiana

"Your software has taken the "paperwork" complications out of being a troop leader and given me more time to do what I enjoy most --- spend time preparing for a fun and educational meeting. I will definitely spread the word to other leaders!", S.D., Pennsylvania

"After using the first version for several years, I'm convinced it the best one out there for the purpose of the tedious task of managing the endless paperwork associated with scouting. It provides the leadership with the proper information to accurately keep track of the Dens, Emergency Contacts, Skills and other pertinent information. We spend less time TRACKING the fun which gives us more time to HAVE fun! Thanks!", J.W., Massachusetts

"I also wanted to thank you for a great software program. I am thrilled with the ease of inputing each scout's information as well as the invaluable reports available to me. I am definitely going to share this at my next committee meeting!", A.M., New Jersey

"Just a note of praise. I have purchased other scout databases and by far yours is the best. Thanks from a leader who is a Scoutmaster and a Cubmaster. Scoutmate has been the answer to my paper woes' prayers. Can't wait for the Palm version!!!!", K.L., Georgia

"I just wanted to let you know that last year was my first using your software for recordkeeping. I LOVE IT! It made everything sooo much easier! If a girl wanted a copy of badge requirements to take home & work on, I just printed it out for her. I could tell at a glance who had done what & what needed catching up on. This software is a real blessing for troop records!", S.P., Kentucky

"As a Database Administrator I really like your software. It's very user friendly. Patch updates also come in a timely manner. Your software has made my job as a troop leader more efficient in regards to advancements and attendance. That is why I wanted to use it for the Community registrations.", B.B., Maryland

"I must tell you I am continually amazed at how flexible and inclusive this program is. The more I work with it, the more I find what can be done with it! I have been inputting all the registration information/numbers/years/emergency contacts, etc. Then I go to reports and find there is a report that can meet my needs. INCREDIBLE! I love your program!! Thank you for not only initially writing this program, but also for all your help in adding features we leaders think would benefit our troops.", J.B., Kansas



Latest News

G-Scoutmate 7.22 has been released and includes the latest Leadership Journey Awards and newest badges.

This is a free update for users of G-Scoutmate 7.







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